A downloadable Robot Racing for Windows and Linux

Kart Racing game! Get your Bot and Speed up!

This one is my love letter to the kart racing genre, that has been part of my gaming life since the 16-bit era :).

For now only Windows and Linux Supported, Android version is available but still needs massive performance boost.

Made with Godot Engine


To play:

Keyboard arrows to accel, brake and turn (space does a little jump). Item System has Speed Boost, Missile, Homing missile (target player in first place) and bomb (works as a mine and is shot backwards). W uses item, E looks back and Q enters drift.

Also,  joysticks are supported. Mobile version currently under revision.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorPawn Games
GenreRacing, Simulation
Made withInkscape, Godot, Blender
Tags3D, Cute, Godot, linux, Low-poly, Short, Singleplayer, windows
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen

Install instructions

To play, just unzip the files and run the executable :).


robot-racers-linux.zip 180 MB
Version Jul 29, 2022
robot-racers-windows.zip 357 MB
Version Jul 29, 2022

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Esse jogo me agradou muito! Com a última atualização.

Posta na steam

Tá aquecendo pra entrar na Steam! Aguarde!

This game has a lot of potential. It is pretty laggy on integrated graphics though.
 I think adding occlusion would really help.

Ability the ability to disable the dynamic lights might also help.

I like the idea of a kart racer with no mini turbo mechanics. But if you are going that route I think the karts should have more speed and possibly more acceleration dynamics.

What kart racers are your inspiration for this? I really like the chaotic nature of srb2kart and think that having more racers on the track would add to the excitement of this game.

Thanks a lot for the Feedback! I am really still figuring out the environment settings, but it is a very good idea to create graphic presets and i am adding it to my list right now :).

I am curious about the mini turbo that you spoke of. You mean like the drifting in Mario Kart, right?

The players parts i think it's doable, but first i have to optimize the AI to avoid more lagging.

For inspiration i played some mario kart (64 and gamecube) and Diddy Kong racing (those three are my favorites of them all). Still sometimes i play them to try and get that pleasant driving feeling.

Again, i am really thankfull for the feedback.

Yeah MTs like Mario Kart. Diddy Kong Racing does not have them.
 Crash Team Racing does.

 The best kart racers always have their own speed mechanics that they benefit from. The feel of the game as it is now might lend to a more Rally car feel to the karts maybe? More turning and micro adjustments. Getting a good turn to accelerate faster than a rival would be important if you did not have MTs boosting you to max normal speed automatically.
 The packed nature of the game feels really good.

I like the tracks so far. How did you balance the multiple choice routes?
 Some jump over a gap sections might be fun.

Also the rolling bomb/mine thing is kind of cheap lol. No way to tell someone has that.


Yeah, i will try to come up with something for the MTs mechanic that distances a little from Mario Kart, i think it may be what the game needs to be more balanced.

The routes are a simple coin toss, the AI chooses from one of the paths at the beginning of each lap, i tried to make each path the same lenght (just eyeballing). I think maybe i could experiment with more items on one path and more zyppers on another to see how it goes. I figured out how to make the AI jump and had a track that already did that but the track itself did not grew on me. I am planning kind of an over the top track (maybe at a Space Station) that has maybe one or two jumps :D.

I already noticed the bomb problem and had some ideas to fix it but did not implement it yet. I thought mainly about creating an animation or visible delay for it so that the driver behind had some time to react, what do you think?

For the bomb problem I had the same idea.
 There should be a clear visualization that a bomb is being fired imo. Since they are so useful to block apex of turns and backspam.

Out of curiosity, I just install the android version but somehow it crashed after the loading screen 🤔

it is GLES3 based, some mobile gpus do not have support.i tried changing to GLES2 but it was not playable either.

Are you going to have a mac version?

Man, really missed that. On the bright side, i found out that i can cross compile to MacOS from Linux, so i might try that this weekend. Follow us (so that you receive a notification) and if i manage to accomplish that it will be on our next update.

Are you planning LAN multiplayer? Maybe same machine multiplayer too on Linux for VNC/RDP connected users?


It is been requested, but i am planning to address that after implementing a championship in single player mode.

On another note, have you played it? Would love to know your impressions.

I will put my kid to play it too and send you his reaction


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Hi João,
I tried this game, and it's really nice. But I found a little bug that when the player touches the end line as the first place, it triggers the game finish state.

Edited: I'm wrong. Even not get the first place, it also makes the game be finished.

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Will check, but you mean the game closes?  If you gave me a little more detail i would appreciate.

Nope, the game finish means the UI shows the text of "Finish! Placed 1st" and the exit button. 

I only press the up arrow key to move forward after the timer counts down. The game was finished in a few seconds.


So, this is embarassing... I have a number of parameters per track so that i can debug (in this case the final race screen) and left the laps in this race with value of zero. The other track in the version you have should work fine, but anyway i am uploading a new one that i improved since yesterday (including joypad support, some new sfx and a little bit of bug fixing).