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Major Update, version 0.0.70


  • Revamped UI
  • Changed style, now toon shader is our standard
  • Character selection screen, with 6 unique playable bots each one with different stats
  • Leaderboard Mechanic, courtesy of the awesome SilentWolf. To enable it, just fill in a username at the options menu!
  • Revised car mechanics, nothing very fancy but needed
  • Revised Rubber banding mechanic, because the item above broke it :).
  • 30 fps cap removed after some reworking of the environment settings that where causing some stuttering. On testing 60 fps all the way.

If you liked it, leave a thought in the project comments! Also if you find any bugs. 

P.S.: Android version is due to some revision but windows and linux were tested as much as possible.

Files 180 MB
Version Jul 14, 2022 179 MB
Version Jul 14, 2022

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