Just some adjustments

So, as per some feedback i had today after posting on reddit i decided to make some fast changes on the ui, sounds and that homing missile that comes out as a surprise when the item comes. So far i changed:

  • Ui messages background, now it doesn't cover the entire screen
  • In-game menu scaled to match the future mobile iterations
  • Item and Zypper tiles now only emmit sounds when a player passas through
  • Homing missile has a new pallete and icon to match

A shoutout to timbeaudet, for the great feedback, cannot be thankful. He has a great collection of his own worth cheking out.


robot-racers-linux.zip 180 MB
Version Feb 02, 2021
RobotRacers.apk 192 MB
Version Feb 02, 2021
robot-racers-windows.zip 179 MB
Version Feb 02, 2021

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