Chess game with fantasy characters (Human vs Undead).

Work still in progress :), any thoughts and feedbadk is encouraged and appreciated. 

If you happen to find a bug, please leave a comment with as many information on the situation as you can and i promise to look it up as soon as possible.

If anyone has interest on the assets, they can be found here (paid):

P.S.: Heads-up, levels 5 and 6 take a looosoong time processing. Still thinking if it is worth it to keep level selection with that many options.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorPawn Games
Made withInkscape, Godot
Tagsandroid, Board Game, Chess, Fantasy, Godot, knight, linux, Medieval, undead, windows
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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Oh so it's a reskin of chess? Too bad the isometric view makes it so hard to play like normal chess lol.


Basically yes. Thuth be told, the isometric view has VERY mixed opinions. I made it as almost an art project and it grew to be this game, it's far from perfect but it's my first finished project and i'm really proud of it.

I haven't looked through the repo, but thank you so much for publishing the code! I'm incredibly new to Godot, gamedev, and programming in general, but my goal is to make a 2.5D isometric Strategy RPG. This will surely be a huge help!! A bit busy so I haven't had much time to try the game out, but while I get the issues others have with the perspective, it comes pretty naturally to me. Isometric perspectives are just more interesting to look at, anyways. Maybe the issue is the height of the units? Not sure, but personally, I love the look.

Honestly have been looking for a chess tutorial in Godot for the longest time, if you would consider doing a run-down of this project I would be eternally grateful! I would just love to see how you made this! The art style and music is great too :)

I think i may release it as a open source project, but the ai mechanic is a little broken. If you want an advance on how i made it, look up "Minimax algorithm for chess". The code i wrote for this one was based on a javascript implementation for that algorithm.

Thank you so much! If you ever release it as open source please let me know :)

Perhaps if you want we could consider a partnership with a new project porting this one to 3d. People got really annoyed by the isometric perspective. I learned a lot on this project, but mainly that chess players have heavy bias on what they expect a chess game to be. Some reddit users almost tore me apart when i asked for their thoughts.

Deleted post

That's a nice work :). I particularly enjoyed graphics and animation. Just the music get a bit stuck at level 3 when it is opponent's turns and it was too much waiting for the hardest level. 


I tried out. Chess doesn t work perfectly. Promotion and attacking with Pawns is not inplemented. but well drawned and nice. changable camera angle would improve a lot.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I Promise to iron all those bugs soon!!

If you would kindly test this new update!